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Cleverstix child development chopsticks have been designed to help the handwriting grip with the special ergonomic pincer design, as well as advance fine motor skills and develop hand-eye coordination and dexterity. As a result these have received fantastic reviews from the National Handwriting Association.

In addition these have been used in handwriting workshops by Morrells Handwriting.

The chopsticks have now been adapted so that they are suitable for both right handed and left handed users.

The thumb ring is now made from adjustable silicone, like the finger rings and thus the item can be adapted for left handed users.

(Instructions on how to adapt the chopsticks are included in all purchases)

Dishwasher safe. Age 3 +

Cleverstix are BPA free with EU quality and safety certifications

BS EN71-3:2013 CE EU10/2011 ISO 90012008



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