Easy Birdy Turquoise/Pink Right Handed Fountain pen


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Easy Birdy Turquoise/Pink Right Handed. The fountain pen for School children aged 7 and over who want to improve their writing skills.

The first STABILO fountain pen ergonomically designed especially for left- or right-handers.
Grip zone made from non-slip material.
Relaxed hold to prevent premature muscle fatigue.
Nib can be fitted at 3 different angles to provide the best individual hand posture (only by the retailer).
Easy handling means neat and tidy handwriting, doesn’t scratch.
Nib in standard size M.
Contains 1 cartridge of royal-blue, erasable ink.
Refillable with 1 large capacity cartridge or 2 small standard cartridges.
2 viewing windows for monitoring ink levels.
Space for inscribing a name.


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