Handwriting Starter pack 1 (For Right handed children) KS 1 & 2


Handwriting Starter pack 1(For Right handed children)

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Handwriting Starter pack 1 includes the following items:

Includes Morrells Letter Formation Book 1, Writewell Mat (For right-handers on one side and left-handers on the reverse!), Large Tweezers, Grotto grip, and Jumbo Grip triangular pencil.

Perfect for ensuring the correct dynamic tripod pencil grip and position, while learning the correct letter formation and direction.

Suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2.

If you have a preference of colour of the Writewell mat (Blue, Yellow Green, Pink or Cream) or prefer specific tweezers (Red,Orange, Green, Yellow, Purple or Blue), or Grotto grips (Pink, Green, Blue, Black, Yellow or Purple)  please email your preferences to info@leftshoponline.co.uk.


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