Left-handers’ Handwriting Table Guide – Single item


Left-handers’ Handwriting Table Guide – Single Item

Shows the correct pencil grip and paper angle to ensure the hand goes under the writing rather than over it, so there is no smudging or messy hands!

Dimensions:  21.5cm x 4.5cm

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Designed to be an “Add-on to” and not “instead of” the Left Hand Writing Skills books, this Table Guide will continue the focus of  using a good pencil/pen grip and also turning the page.

The desired effect is that the child’s hand goes under their writing rather than over it, producing clear and legible handwriting without them smudging it or being unable to read it.

This Table Guide has appropriate instructions for both child and parent/teacher as to how to hold the pencil and how to angle the paper.

It can either be stuck to the table (removing the back sheet reveals it as a sticker) or not, as desired. It is also an overt reminder for the teacher that the child sitting there is left-handed and may need appropriate advice/guidance.

Dimensions:  21.5cm x 4.5cm

Single Item


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