Minnow Left handed corkscrew


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Minnow Left handed corkscrew.

Blue Minnow Corkscrew: the design professional wine stewards choose above all other corkscrews is now available for lefties! Even after trying others, this design in the one the pros return to time and again. No struggling to pull a cork!
The sleek minnow styling features a nose that hooks over the bottle like for leverage. Top fin opens into a blade for cutting foil. Fits easily in a pocket. Just lift up on the tail and cork slides out. Looks good enough to keep out on the bar, or tie to a bottle of wine for gift-giving. 5-1/2L x 1-1/2 wide.
To use this corkscrew, hold the screw 90 degrees from the bottle to get the screw into the cork, then adjust so that screw is in line with the cork.
What makes this corkscrew left-handed?
The screw rotates counter-clockwise which is much easier for lefties to use than the right-handed corkscrew which rotates clockwise.


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