Writewell Mats, School pack of 10


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Writewell Mats, Pack of 10 (5 Blue, 2 Pink, 1 Cream, 1 Yellow, 1 Green) Right or Left handed.

Price £30 (Retail price if bought singly £39.50)

WRITEWELL HANDWRITING MAT ) Left-handed on one side, right-handed on the reverse!

Designed to help children develop their handwriting skills, the mat contains the detailed upper and lower case alphabet, and gives easy to read guidelines for left handed children. The mat also contains information for right handed children on the reverse. The various colours of this mat is found to be helpful for some dyslexic students or those with visual stress. Made of encapsulated card – washable ink pens can be used on it or plain paper positioned over the lines

Size 43cm x30.5cm

If you wish to change the colour quantities, it is not a problem! Please contact us to advise your requirements.

Acknowledgements: Mrs J. Woodnutt, Nethercliff Winchester; Mrs A. Robins, University College Worcester; Mrs H. Stewart, Wise Owl Toys, Worcester


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