We are LEFT ‘n Write

LEFT ‘n Write is a small independent run by Mark and Heather Stewart shop specialising in the advice and provision of everything left-handed, with a focus on helping left-handed children excel at writing.

LEFT ‘n Write of Worcester is spearheading the campaign to have specific guidelines on helping left-handed children included as part of Initial Teacher training and within current in-service training.

Mark and Heather have co-written the “Left Hand Writing Skills” set of 3 Handwriting practice books and designed a “Writewell” mat. In August 2017, they co-authored “So You Think They’re Left-Handed?”, a book of discovery or confirmation for parents, carers and Early years practitioners designed to confirm the laterality of a child aged 2 to 4. Includes 16 pages of Pencil activities and 16 pages of Scissor activities.

Mark and Heather initiated the formation of www.left-in.org, a global interest group formed in 2021 with the aim to improve the information and education available to the educators of left-handed children around the world.

As well as helping children at the shop, Mark Stewart runs courses for schools and other educational providers such as LEA’s, Nursery & Pre-school Learning Alliance Groups. One-to-one tutoring is also available.

If you are looking for help and advice, either as a Teacher or as a Parent to help left-handed children, you have come to the “RIGHT” place!!