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On The Other Hand!

Levelling the playing field for left-handers. This 90-minute session could last your primary school children a lifetime!

Aims of the course

The session is a practical one looking at and trying out various tasks using both hands with a view to raising awareness of potential difficulties faced by left-handed children and the simple strategies that can be used to help them, with particular emphasis on handwriting.

Training provided to

Teachers, Trainee Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Parents, Childminders, Early Years Groups.

Course content

How left-handed are you? Laterality tests!
The difference between right and left-handed scissors, and useful tips.
Handwriting: problems and techniques to overcome them, particularly smudging.
Various left-handed items to try out, ie Rulers, pencil sharpeners, pens.
Those attending will be able to try out various products and practise a range of skills left-handed!
Attendees will receive handouts at end of session.


Improved handwriting for your left-handed children, leading to speedier and unsmudged writing for better presentation with increased self esteem and marks.

Understanding of potential classroom difficulties leading to EQUAL opportunity for both right and left-handed children with greater chance to achieve full academic potential.

Tutor Profile

Mark Stewart
Mark Stewart is the proprietor of “Left n Write” in Worcester and has a left-handed son. He produced a TTA-endorsed video “Left-Handed Children – A Guide for Teachers and Parents” which was distributed to all the teacher-training colleges in England. A question was raised about it in the House of Commons in January 1999.

Along with his wife Heather, he has co-written the “Left Hand Writing Skills” set of 3 Handwriting practice books and designed a “Writewell” mat. In August 2016, he co-authored “So You Think They’re Left-Handed?”, a book of discovery or confirmation for parents, carers and Early years practitioners designed to confirm the laterality of a child aged 2 to 4. Includes 16 pages of Pencil activities and 16 pages of Scissor activities.

He has given his workshop to such groups as Childminders, Early Years Practitioners, LEA training groups, Private and State schools over the past 22 years. His training guidelines have been endorsed by the Department for Education and Skills and were incorporated into The National Literacy Strategy.

He has featured on BBC1’s “Really Useful Show”, BBC1’s Midlands Today, Radio 4’s “In Touch” programme, Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester, and BBC Radio Wm amongst others.

In March 2021, he co-founded a Global group titled “Left-In” with their website (Lefthanders Educational Forum and Training International Network)


Jamillah Salahuddin
Early Childhood Director at Trey Whitfield School, Brooklyn, New York. Coach at Edifying Early Childhood Consultants
26th May 2024
"Thank you for offering the course. The training was awesome." 

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Greshma Momaya
Founding Principal & Head Cheerleader at World School
17th January 2024
"I recently completed a comprehensive course on Left-Handed Children – A Guide for Teachers and Parents. As an educator, understanding the unique challenges faced by left-handed children is crucial for fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment. This interactive training video dives deep into the key struggles left-handed children may encounter and equips educators and parents with the necessary skills to empower them. With a focus on simple changes that can make a HUGE impact, this course ensures that left-handed children have equal opportunities to flourish academically and in life."
B Leighton
Teacher, New Ford Academy, Stoke-on-Trent
Eye opening and very interesting! Really helpful. Great insight to being left-handed
Danielle Mason
Parent of child at New Ford Academy, Stoke-on-Trent
Thank you - a really useful and interesting course.
Jenny Shufflebotham
EYFS lead, New Ford Academy, Stoke-on-Trent
Thank you so much for delivering a very informative course. I will definitely be using the guidance given for my own child.
Anna Murray
Parent of child at Warwick Bridge Primary School
Thank you so much for delivering a very informative course. I will definitely be using the guidance given for my own child.
Rebecca Haile
Teaching Assistant, Warwick Bridge Primary School
Extremely useful course.
Mark Ashton
Head Teacher, Warwick Bridge Primary School
Very Interesting, and raised awareness of all the left handed issues that there are.
Teacher/English TLR, Milestone School, Gloucester
Fantastic, practical, first hand training.
Teacher, Milestone School, Gloucester
Very thought provoking, with added passion!
Teacher, Milestone School, Gloucester
Changed my approach to teaching left-handers; makes you think about your practice.
Lauren Chaney
Class Teacher, Radlett Preparatory School
A must for any class teacher.
Grainne Collings
Middle and Upper School Leader Radlett Preparatory School
Excellent workshop for parents and teachers. Informative and Practical
Jenny Warren
Vice Principal, Radlett Preparatory School
Everyone needs to have their awareness of the struggles faced by left-handers in order to help them be more successful and not lose their self-confidence.
Emily Meadows
Class Teacher, Millfields Community Schools, Hackney
Incredible workshop which illuminated the struggles of left handed children. Brilliant ideas/solutions to support.
Vicky Noakes
Assistant Headteacher, Millfields Community Schools, Hackney
Interactive, Informative and accessible. Every teacher and parent needs this training!
Jane Betsworth
Headteacher, Millfields Community Schools, Hackney
So very useful, something every teacher can think about and support so easily.
Rhiannon Beaumont
December 2020
It was informative, friendly and fun. I found it extremely useful as a right handed parent of a left handed child. It was empowering to be able to fully support her and informed our conversations with teachers about the best way for them to support her learning in the classroom. I think that this training should be more widely available to parents and teachers.
Josie Allan
Great Malvern
October 2020
I highly recommend Mark’s course for left-handed people. Our daughter received help and it opened our eyes to the problems that she has faced all these years. The curriculum does not include help for left handed children. The reassurance of understanding that she is not alone, and her situation is recognised has made a difference to her confidence.
Phil Cotton
Head of year 7, Westacre Middle School
An eye opener!
Laura Bennett
Class Teacher, Westacre Middle School
Really informative and useful training especially for a left-handed teacher.
Jenny Morrison
Year 2, Christian Fellowship School, Liverpool
A hands-on practical workshop which really helps you understand the challenges of the left-handed pupil. You are given lots of ideas to ensure their handwriting develops correctly long with their self esteem.
Steph Sharples
Year 6, Christian Fellowship School, Liverpool
A very beneficial, thought-provoking and practical training course.
Rachel Duke
Deputy Head, Kings St Alban's School, Worcester
Thank you, you have certainly encouraged a number of our staff to think much more about our left-handed children.
Lee Card
Deputy Head Teacher, Cherry Orchard Primary School
Headteachers / Teachers /Schools....don't get LEFT in the dark any longer about the issues surrounding your left-handed pupils. They are more prevalent than you think. They are more urgent than you think. They are more critical to the future of our children than you think. Thanks to Mark Stewart at Left 'n 'Write, the staff at Cherry Orchard Primary School were given awake-up call about the needs of one of our hidden vulnerable groups -left-handed pupils. With thought-provoking facts and statistics, practical activities that put you in the shoes (or hands) of our pupils in the classroom (as well as making you re-evaluate what you might have thought you knew about yourself!) and a wide offering of hints, tips and immediate strategies borne out of years of personal experience, this was one of the most useful 60mins of CPD we have had for a long time. Mark is a warm and personable presenter...yet his messages are clear and deserve to be heard. Do the right thing...think left.
Stephen Morris
Headmaster, The Cathedral School, Cardiff
Mark Stewart has a comprehensive understanding of the frustrations faced by left-handed learners, and of the steps needed to address their needs. He speaks in a very accessible way, offering insights and practical strategies which are based upon common sense and equally accessible to staff and parents. The hour session he delivered to our staff was hugely worthwhile and is having an impact upon the way we plan lessons, do seating plans, and resource the teaching aids for pupils’ use. I thoroughly recommend him as a speaker for any school, primary or secondary.
Janette Morris
On behalf of the staff at Crown Meadow School, I should like to thank you for an excellent, practical workshop on “left handedness”. Everyone enjoyed it and came away feeling that they had a better awareness of the problems that children who are left handed face along with lots of ideas on how to address the children’s needs in order for them to achieve their full potential. Teachers have already made adjustments to their classrooms to support the children for when they come into school this morning.
Maureen Saunders
Early Childhood Organisation, University College, Worcester
Your professional style, and clear delivery was very much appreciated by the participants. Your obvious commitment to helping left-handed children in their learning gave encouragement and awareness to parents and teachers alike.

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