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The new 2022 Left Handed Diary is now in stock!

The new 2022 Left Handed Diary is now in stock!
This left-handed diary is tailor-made, having reversed the printing so that it opens from left to right!
It is wire-bound so pages can lay flat, and the date grids are all on the left to steer clear of the wire. Simply rotate the diary 90 degrees to use the ample note space withe ase, or keep it portrait – your choice!
To make it easier to use, it features date grids on the left side of each weekly spread. The right side features ample space for notes with trivia, facts, quotes and anecdotes about left–handedness.
A great Christmas present idea for the left-hander in your life!
Price £9.99
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A new School Starter Pack!

If you have a left-handed child who is starting school in September, here’s a really useful pack to start them off with all the left-handed resources they need! Their own pair of left-handed scissors, a Grotto pencil grip, a Jumbo triangular pencil, a left-handed pencil sharpener, Left Hand writing Skills book 1 as well as a Handwriting Sticker set and table guide. Scissors, pencil sharpener and Grotto grips come in a choice of colour.
Price £19.95
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Left-Handers are now LEFT-IN!

A new global initiative kicks off today to improve learning for left-handed children. is the website for LEFT-IN, the Left-Handers Education Forum and Training International Network. LEFT-IN was formed in 2021 aiming to improve the information and education available to the educators of left-handed children around the world.

Left-handed children make up around 15% of today’s classroom population. But, through no fault of their own, many early childhood and primary school teachers are failing to teach their left-handed students correctly because they are underprepared by their university course. This is a worldwide issue.

The Founding Members of LEFT-IN are all passionate about the education of left-handed children in their own part of the world: UK, South Africa, Brazil, Australia and China. They now come together as one voice, working with educators and legislators to improve the education of teachers for the benefit of left-handed children across the world.

Mark and Heather Stewart initiated  and are Founding Members of Left-In. “Gone are the days, thankfully, where children were punished and made to change hands when writing”, said Mark. “But for too long, understanding the specific needs of left-handed children has not been part of Initial Teacher Training  or Continuous Professional Development, and remains that way even in 2021! Appropriate teacher training and guidance for the children will give the child  a better chance to achieve their full academic potential  and improve their life chances; “Win/Win” all round!

“We are really excited to be able to kick off this great initiative on Left-Handers Day”, Mark said.

Robin Walker MP who has supported Mark’s campaign to help left-handed children says: “Being left handed shouldn’t hinder access to opportunity for anyone, particularly when there are so many support options   available. That’s why Mark and his team are providing an important service to ensure that left handed doesn’t mean left out.”

Celebrate with us at:

Aunty Ems Tea Emporium            (1st Floor) 6B ,City Arcade Worcester                                          Friday 13th and  Saturday 14th August  – 10am to 4pm

Try/buy various left-handed resources: from can openers to corkscrews, scissors to pencil sharpeners!


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Being left-handed set Team GB’s Joe Choong on the path to men’s modern pentathlon gold

The first British man to win gold in the modern pentathlon was encouraged to take up the event because being left handed would “give him an advantage”, his former coach has revealed.

Joe Choong won gold yesterday at the Games, making him the first British man to win an individual Olympic medal in the sport, which has been in the programme since 1912.

It has now emerged he was encouraged to take up pentathlon by a coach at the Whitgift School, Croydon, in 2008 after he realised being left-handed would give the young athlete an advantage in fencing.

Charlie Unwin, a professional sport psychologist, noticed Choong’s talent as a swimmer when was just 13-years-old.

Mr Unwin said: “He stood out in the pool, so I convinced him to complete a “bleep” test to see if he could run – which he could.

“I also noticed he was left-handed which can offer a distinct advantage in the fencing discipline of [modern pentathlon] because by holding the weapon in the other hand it creates an unfamiliar profile for the right-handers fighting against you.

“Effectively it changes the nature of the target they are trying to hit.

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Two NEW Handwriting Products!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of 2 new handwriting resources for left-handed children!
1) Left-handers’ Handwriting stickers.
Designed to be an “Add-on to” and not “instead of” the Left Hand Writing Skills books, this stickers set will continue the focus of using a good pencil/pen grip and also turning the page. Instructions for a good handwriting technique with 25 paper angle reminders, 8 pencil grip reminders and 2 “great left-handed work” stickers.
Single item or Packs available in 10, 25, or 50!
2) Left-handers’ Handwriting Table Guide. 21.5cm x 4.5cm
Designed to be an “Add-on to” and not “instead of” the Left Hand Writing Skills books, this Table Guide will continue the focus of using a good pencil/pen grip and also turning the page. Shows the correct pencil grip and paper angle to ensure the hand goes under the writing rather than over it, so there is no smudging or messy hands!
Single item or Packs available in 10, 25, or 50!
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Our handwriting books follow DFE and Ofsted guidelines (April 2021)

Our handwriting books follow DFE and Ofsted guidelines and are good for all left-handed children!

On 1st April 2021 the DFE made an announcement concerning  the Validation of Systematic Synthetic Phonics programmes as follows:

Note 3 states:  “At first, children should not be taught to join letters [footnote 3] or to start every letter ‘on the line’ with a ‘lead-in’, because these practices cause unnecessary difficulty for beginners. Children may be taught to join the letters in digraphs, but this is optional. (All resources designed for children to read should be in print).”

We are delighted to state, therefore, that our Left Hand Writing Skills books have  suitable letter formation for all children as they do not include the “lead-in” cursive stroke.


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Handwriting help for adults; in fact any age!

Enquiry: Hi there
I’m currently 26 years old, and I’ve recently transitioned into copywriting.
I’ve been left-handed all my life, but I wasn’t aware that the way I used to write would effect negatively my posture.
I thought that the smudging was something I couldn’t fix.
I’d love to find out the techniques to fix this problem as my current work does require clear writing.
Can I ask, do you offer any help to adults?
George Hristov


Good morning George
Thank you for your email and your story. I would be more than happy to help you and am confident that we can get this “Smudging” issue sorted for you.  20 minutes on Zoom should get it sorted


Thank you so much Mark, I appreciate how you pointed out the correct way I have to get used to writing now, and the right “tools” I need to make it easier on myself.

Hi Mark

I thought I should reach out to you again, to explain how much of a difference to my writing you made with the guides and with just a few minutes of correcting my hand positioning.

I think it’s only been two weeks since I started going through the exercises and I’ve stopped smudging, my fingers have stopped hurting when I write and most of all, my writing now not only looks clear and easy to read but artistic as well.
I’ve started getting used to the calligraphy and I actually now prefer to write letters this way.
I now feel confident that my writing can be taken seriously as a professional.
I think the next step of progression is writing faster with this newly gained skill.
Thank you once again.
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New book written by Heather!

It’s with great pleasure that we can announce the publication of “Benji’s Big Day”, an activity book written by Heather! 🙂
It will be in the shop from midday today – rrp is £11.95!

The Lionheart Collection’s first story-led activity book for pre-schoolers is published by the Manuscript Pen Company (

Go on a journey with the Lionheart family as they get ready to celebrate Benji’s big day with reading, writing, colouring, drawing, cutting activities and games! Choose from 44 activities designed to help develop key motor skills, pen control, wipe clean pages to improve hand-eye coordination, letter formation activities, cutting and gluing and so much more!

The book has been has been designed to suit every child, whether left-handed, right-handed – or “Not quite sure yet!”

Whether its ABC or 123, help little ones on their creative journey with Benji’s Big Day activity book. Join Arthur and his Lionheart family as they celebrate Benji’s big day!

Here’s a short video about the new book!

Link here to buy it!