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How left or right-handed are you?

We tend to think of ourselves as either left or right-handed but did you know that you usually have a dominant ear, eye, hand and foot?

Here are some fun activities which may just make you think again! Keep a note of your answers and see where you are on the scale of handedness!

1. Fold your arms in front of you; which arm is on the top?

2. Fully interlock the fingers of both hands; which thumb is on the top?

3. Imagine an itch in the middle of your back; which arm is behind your back?

4. To which ear do you hold the phone?

5. Imagine you are looking through a telescope; which eye do you use to look through it?

6. Wink at an imaginary friend; which eye is winking?

7. Clap your hands together, one on top of each other; which hand is on the top?

8. Hop on each leg; which seems the easiest to hop on?

Did you do all of the activities with your right side, left side or some of both? Most of us will say “some of both” but some will be very right or left side dominant. Those people are usually very well co-ordinated. If it appears you are left eye dominant and right-handed, or the other way round, you are “cross-lateral”. Often those who are cross-lateral are less well co-ordinated! This can be useful knowledge for a parent/school (catching a ball might be tricky for example, not that they can do anything to change it though!)

As well as trying them out yourself, why not try them with your friends/children or at work/school?

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