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Left-Handers are now LEFT-IN!

A new global initiative kicks off today to improve learning for left-handed children. is the website for LEFT-IN, the Left-Handers Education Forum and Training International Network. LEFT-IN was formed in 2021 aiming to improve the information and education available to the educators of left-handed children around the world.

Left-handed children make up around 15% of today’s classroom population. But, through no fault of their own, many early childhood and primary school teachers are failing to teach their left-handed students correctly because they are underprepared by their university course. This is a worldwide issue.

The Founding Members of LEFT-IN are all passionate about the education of left-handed children in their own part of the world: UK, South Africa, Brazil, Australia and China. They now come together as one voice, working with educators and legislators to improve the education of teachers for the benefit of left-handed children across the world.

Mark and Heather Stewart initiated  and are Founding Members of Left-In. “Gone are the days, thankfully, where children were punished and made to change hands when writing”, said Mark. “But for too long, understanding the specific needs of left-handed children has not been part of Initial Teacher Training  or Continuous Professional Development, and remains that way even in 2021! Appropriate teacher training and guidance for the children will give the child  a better chance to achieve their full academic potential  and improve their life chances; “Win/Win” all round!

“We are really excited to be able to kick off this great initiative on Left-Handers Day”, Mark said.

Robin Walker MP who has supported Mark’s campaign to help left-handed children says: “Being left handed shouldn’t hinder access to opportunity for anyone, particularly when there are so many support options   available. That’s why Mark and his team are providing an important service to ensure that left handed doesn’t mean left out.”

Celebrate with us at:

Aunty Ems Tea Emporium            (1st Floor) 6B ,City Arcade Worcester                                          Friday 13th and  Saturday 14th August  – 10am to 4pm

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