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Empowering Left-Handed Learners with the Launch of New Interactive Downloadable Training Resource

Left ‘n Write, a leading provider of left-handed educational resources, is excited to announce the launch of its ground-breaking video resource “Left-Handed Children – A Guide for Teachers and Parents” . See trailer below.

This new addition to Left ‘n Write’s suite of innovative solutions and educational tools aims to address the unique challenges faced by left-handed children and provide comprehensive guidance for improving their educational journey. The video is downloadable and interactive with a run time of 35 mins but can be paused as desired to undertake the various activities.

Left-handed children often encounter challenges in writing and other activities, such as poor grip, messy handwriting, and difficulty in copying text. The video resource delves into these specific challenges and offers practical solutions. It includes a training video that breaks down essential aspects of the left-handed handwriting technique, a pre-training sheet with instructions, and activities to help identify left or right-handedness. Additional resources include a teacher’s checklist and a school audit tool that are provided to enhance a teacher’s understanding and support for left-handed students.

Is this video good for educational professionals to help left-handed children in schools?

“The video resource developed by Left ‘n Write is an invaluable tool that has been long overdue,” comments @Rob Snaith, a left-handed person, and director of Teachers’ Courses & Resources Limited. “I’ve witnessed first-hand the challenges faced by left-handed children in the classroom. This resource provides much-needed guidance and support for teachers and parents, helping them create an environment where left-handed children can thrive. The training video should be available in every school, as its impact on improving left-handed children’s educational experiences is transformative.”

The video  is sponsored by Stabilo, producer of specifically left-handed and right-handed writing equipment.

“As the UK Marketing Manager for Stabilo, we are proud to sponsor the video resource developed by Left ‘n Write,” states @VanyaHunter. “We recognise the importance of providing tailored support for left-handed children, and this resource is a game-changer. It offers practical solutions and guidance that will make a significant difference in the lives of these students. We are thrilled to be part of a project that empowers teachers and parents to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment for left-handed children.”

Useful as a part of Continual Professional Development for Early Years Staff, Teachers and Educational Professionals

This tool will provide valuable practical insight into the challenges faced by left-handed children and the means to overcome them. Use this video resource as part of your CPD to ensure that you and your fellow teachers are up to date on the latest information for left-handed pupils. Providing guidance for parents, nurseries, pre-school, schools, colleges and all other educational settings and having the necessary knowledge to help children and students thrive.

Help and guidance for parents with left-handed children

The training resource provides instructions and advice which covers the following topics:

This educational tool is very useful to all parents of left-handed children to help support and guide their children, as they face everyday challenges at home and in the classroom.

Produced by Rory MCallister and Lizzie Crow of M Studios

Delighted to say that we shall be having a table at Aunty Ems (1st Floor) in Worcester this coming Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th August from 10 am to 4pm

Delighted to bring back wooden left-handed spatulas to our range.

This pair of wooden spatulas is an essential component of any kitchen for a left-handed cook.

One solid and one slotted spatula per set.  A slight scoop and angled for left-handed use.

Beechwood,  29cm long each.  Made in China.

Price £4.95 + postage


This year, we are joining the first ever conference on left-handedness through our association with L.E.F.T.-I.N., the international special interest group that is working to improve the teaching of left-handed children around the world.  To learn more about L.E.F.T.-I.N., click here.

The Indaba, a South African word for a discussion or conference, will see interested people come together to share information and experiences of being left-handed and supporting left-handers in education and skills development.

We will be hosting a session on handwriting for left-handers, which will focus on both  the specific techniques and how to teach them, so that a left-hander can have clear, legible writing without those  difficulties of smudging,  problems copying, different letter formation  and  knocking elbows etc!

Other sessions will look at Human Rights, Sceince, Skills Development and there will be work on initiating a framework for the structured support of education of left-handed children around the world.

You are invited to join us at the first International Conference on Left-Handedness!
Learn about the history, the issues and the ways forward in making the world a better place for left-handers, especially our children.

We are delighted to launch 2 NEW A3 posters for the class and staff rooms!
1) “7 Handwriting tips for left-handers”. This A3 poster has been designed for use in the classroom to help both teachers and left-handed pupils achieve a good handwriting technique with 7 “easy to follow” tips.

2) “Helping Left-handers in the Classroom”. This A3 poster has been designed for use in the Staff room as a guide to help left-handed children in the classroom. It covers “How to tell if a child is left-handed”, “Handwriting”, “letter formation”, “scissors”, and “class position”, with clear and simple advice both in print and visually.

Price of each: £2.50
The new 2023 Left Handed Diary is now in stock!
This left-handed diary is tailor-made, having reversed the printing so that it opens from left to right!
It is wire-bound so pages can lay flat, and the date grids are all on the left to steer clear of the wire. Simply rotate the diary 90 degrees to use the ample note space withe ase, or keep it portrait – your choice!
To make it easier to use, it features date grids on the left side of each weekly spread. The right side features ample space for notes with trivia, facts, quotes and anecdotes about left–handedness.
A great Christmas present idea for the left-hander in your life!
Price £9.99
Due to the excessive heat forecast, Heather and I along with the owners at Auntie Ems have come to the sad conclusion that we should not hold the “Left Handers Day” events this Friday and Saturday.
We have decided, however, to rearrange the event to the following Saturday , the 20th August, from 10am to 4pm in the same location.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused but look forward to seeing you on the 20th August.

We are delighted to say that we will be going back to Aunty Ems Tea and Toy Emporium, 1st Floor,  in the City Arcade in Worcester on both Friday the 12th and  Saturday the 13th August to celebrate “International Left-handers Day”.

The Saturday is Left-handers Day and is part of the Worcester Festival!

Understanding the challenges faced by left-handed students is not always easy for teachers. Younger children in a classroom might be unsure of which is their dominant hand. They may also try using their right hand for many tasks to conform with other classmates. However, facilitating a young student’s laterality is key to setting up the child for success for the short and long term. With that in mind, here are 3 skills teachers need in order to help their left-handed students.

Click here to see full article

An excellent article, well worth reading to help understand some of the potential difficulties left-handed children may face.




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