Left Hand Writing Skills Combined Book


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Left Hand Writing Skills Combined Book. Combined Schools Edition
This edition of the Left Hand Writing Skills programme combines all the exercises of Books 1, 2 and 3. Altogether the book contains 84 worksheets to help students in school through the phases of fine motor skill developement, formation and flow of letters and words, and on to success smudge-free writing using ink. The worksheets have been produced in mono for photocopying for use in ONE establishment. Now available on DVD (Also via Curriculum Online with ELC’s.)

The handwriting skills book was an excellent resource. When I realised that my son was left handed I was very keen to avoid him having the typical hook style of writing so I invested in the books. They have proved to be invaluable as he is now 8 years old and has lovely, fluent, joined handwriting. He saw the books as a bit of fun as they were so well presented and easy to access without much parent intervention. I can thoroughly recommend them to any parent of a leftie.
Ruth Bond, Teacher


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