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Time for action and a change in attitude!

Rather than find ways not to change, it’s time to find ways to challenge the status quo and be proactive in changing the education system to actively help left-handed children.
In the Victorian era, you weren’t allowed to be left-handed! You probably know someone in your family who, in the past, was forced to write right handed. Left hands tied behind their backs, knuckles rapped with a ruler etc.  Thankfully that doesn’t happen anymore in this country.
Over the past 25 years I have tried, along with my MPs, to change the attitude of the Education System  and those at the Department of Education to be more positive/proactive towards left-handed children.  Sadly with minimal success!  This, in my opinion, has been due to a lack of awareness of the needs of left-handed children and an attitude of “Why should we change?” rather than “Why shouldn’t we change?”
Here are a couple examples of the DFE’s passive rather than proactive approach:
For example, the DFE has no figures on how many left-handed children there are in schools; no idea whether being left-handed has any impact on likely educational achievement!
Now is the time, with a new Schools Standards Minister, our Worcester MP Robin Walker,  for a shift in attitude from the Department of Education to make the needs of left-handed children a statutory part of Initial Teacher Training and be a world leader in educating left-handed children to help them achieve their full academic potential. A “Win/Win” situation for all!
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