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Handwriting Starter Pack 2 For Left-handed children. Includes Writewell Mat, Left Hand Writing Skills Book 2, Stabilo Easy Original Pen, Grotto Grip, Jumbo Triangular Pencil and 2 hole left-handed pencil sharpener.

Handwriting Starter pack 2 (For Left handed children) KS 2 & 3

Handwriting Starter pack 2 (For Left handed children)


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Handwriting Starter pack 2 (For Left handed children)

Includes Left Hand Writing Skills Book 2 (repeat of lower case, moving to letter joins and capital letters) , Writewell Mat (For right-handers on one side and left-handers on the reverse!),  Grotto grip, Jumbo Grip Pencil,  left-handed 2 hole pencil sharpener and  Stabilo Easy Original pen.

Ideal for ensuring older students have the correct dynamic tripod pencil/pen grip and position, while learning joined-up handwriting. The book and mat shows specific letter formation for the left-handed child and a simple technique to overcome smudging and its attendent problems.

Technique instruction letter included.

Suitable for Key Stage 2 and 3.

If you have a preference of colour of the Writewell mat (Blue, Yellow Green, Pink or Cream), Blue or Pink Stabilo Easy Original pen, Blue or  Green Pencil Sharpener or if you want Left Hand Writing Skills Book 3 instead, or please email your preferences to

** Please note;  the design of the book and Writewell mat is subject to copyright law. Unauthorised copying means you are breaking the law!**


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